Wedding Website

The Online Wedding Invite Website is a smart product for those planning to get married soon and for wedding planners to resell to their clients. The Online Wedding Invite Website offers you an option of 17 different versions of an online wedding invite which you can customise by color, animation and theme and send to your friends, family and relations.

The online wedding invite is dynamic as you can change content as and when you please. You can share moments to remember such as photographs, poems and other memorabilia. You can also add your favourite music to the Online Wedding Invite Website. You can send invites to your guests by email or facebook which will reach instantly instead of wedding cards which can take a long time. You can share details of your venue for the wedding and reception and also get RSVPs from your guests to plan the wedding better. You can also create a tie up with a retailer to showcase the gifts you would want your guests to gift you, instead of receiving multiple numbers of the same gift. The Online wedding invite is the perfect option to manage your related communication wedding online.