Website Analytics in Goa

Web analytics is the method of observing and analyzing the behavior of visitors to a Web site. Website Analytics is a relatively less used tool among business ventures in Goa, We at Goa Web Tech aim to promote the use of Website Analytics in Goa. Using web analytics data properly can help a business to attract more visitors, retain visitors and also increase the spends on each transaction of a customer.

The most popular tool used to analyse website data is Google Analytics. Google Analytics allows a website owner to measure advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

There are at generally two categories of web analytics; off-site and on-site.

Off-site web analytics denotes web measurement and analysis regardless of whether you own or maintain a website. It includes the measurement of a website parameters such as the potential audience (opportunity), the visibility and comments that is happening on the Internet as a whole.
On-site web analytics, which is the most commonly used analytics measures a visitor’s behavior once on your website. On-site web analytics measures the performance of your website in a commercial context. This data is typically compared against key performance indicators for performance, and used to improve a website or marketing campaign’s audience response.

The process of Website Analytics involves

1.) The Collection of data from a website, this data is usually numerical and the main objective at this stage is gathering data.

2.) Processing of collected data, Once data has been collected it is processed to make sense of it into special counts and align it with specified metrics related to the website.

3.) Using Key Performance Indicators –  Key Performance Indicators are a part of the goal set by the business and help in checking if the set parameters are being met in terms of the website. KPIs are an essential part of Website Analytics.

4.)  The Strategy – Using data obtained from the above stages, the online strategy of a business can be formulated and online goals can be set.

Website Analytics as a tool helps to ascertain if the set parameters for a website are being met or not. As part of our Digital Marketing Services, We importantly promote the use of Website Analytics in Goa among firms to allow them to understand how their online websites are performing. Using Web Analytics on your website in combination with Web development in Goa, Search Engine Marketing in Goa, Search Engine Optimisation in Goa and Social Media Marketing in Goa, You have the perfect website in Goa.


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